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Our Professionals


Robin Lashley, Owner/Executive Director

Danielle Reininger, Senior Executive Assistant - Vine Grove, Leitchfield, Owensboro
Rayetta Boone, Human Resources Assistant

Brittny Smith, Billing Manager

Sarah Henwood, Clinical Manager/OT - Vine Grove
Kayla Kittinger, Clinical Manager/ST - Leitchfield
Cara Atwood, Michelle P Waiver Coordinator

Maggie O'Reilly, ABA Clinical Director - Leitchfield

Amy Scott, Mental Health Director/Case Management Supervisor - Leitchfield/Vine Grove

Natasha Garcia, Administrative Assistant - Vine Grove

Katherine Parriski, Administrative Assistant - Vine Grove
Loretta Carwile, Administrative Assistant - Leitchfield

Donna Wilson, Administrative Assistant-Leitchfield
Heather Patton, Administrative Assistant - Owensboro


Leitchfield Office:

Amanda Lewis, Occupational Therapist – Leitchfield/Vine Grove

Darien Beatty, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant – Leitchfield

Kylie Davis, Occupational Therapist - Leitchfield

Angela McCray, Physical Therapist - Leitchfield

Emily Hinton, Speech Pathologist - Leitchfield

Kayla Kittinger, Speech Pathologist | Clinical Manager - Leitchfield

Regan Woodcock, Speech Pathologist - Leitchfield

Amber Whobrey, Speech Pathologist, CF - Leitchfield

David Puckett, Speech Pathologist - Leitchfield


Maggie O’Reilly, BCBA/Licensed Behavior Analyst – Leitchfield

Jennie Granger, Virtual BCBA - Leitchfield

Martha Gary, Registered Behavior Technician – Leitchfield

Randi Stewart, Registered Behavior Technician – Leitchfield

Allyson Jarboe, Registered Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Kia Hayes, Registered Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Sherry Vincent, Registered Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Tammy Pierce, Registered Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Emily Elway, Registered Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Jordan Kendell, Behavior Technician - Leitchfield
Teresa McMonigal, Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Amy Scott, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Leitchfield/Vine Grove

Sydnie Rouse, Virtual Mental Health Therapist - Leitchfield

Lyndsey Shartzer, Targeted Case Manager - Leitchfield

Vine Grove Office:

Amy Scott, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Vine Grove/Leitchfield

Julia Hackney, Clinical Social Worker - Vine Grove

Tatjana Lauterbach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Vine Grove

Amanda Lewis, Occupational Therapist - Vine Grove/Leitchfield

Alisha Leach, Occupational Therapist - Vine Grove

Amanda Schneider, Occupational Therapist - Vine Grove

Victoria Bradley, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant - Vine Grove

Sarah Henwood, Occupational Therapist | Clinical Manager - Vine Grove

Alicia Vincent, Occupational Therapist -Vine Grove/Head Start

Kirsti Smith, Physical Therapist – Vine Grove


Holly Sheroan, Speech Pathologist - Vine Grove

Catrina Pickerell, Speech Pathologist - Vine Grove

Jess Cowman, Speech Pathologist - Vine Grove

Larissa Haynes, Speech Pathologist - Vine Grove

Holly Oates, Speech Pathologist - Vine Grove

Ashley Hulsman, Speech Pathologist, CF - Vine Grove

Alisyn Kandybowicz, Speech Pathologist - Vine Grove/Head Start

Sara Spalding, Speech Pathologist - Vine Grove/Summer Speech Program

Indira Montenegro, BCaBA - Vine Grove

Shelley McMurray, BCBA - Vine Grove
Taylor Swan, Virtual BCBA - Vine Grove

Angie Rhea, Registered Behavior Technician - Vine Grove

Brooke Long, Behavior Technician - Vine Grove 

Dawniella Camero, Behavior Technician - Vine Grove

Rhianna Defee, Behavior Technician - Vine Grove

Amanda Kelly, Behavior Technician - Vine Grove

Hannah Travis, Behavior Technician - Vine Grove

Teon Embry, Registered Behavior Technician - Vine Grove

Jaidyn Bow, Registered Behavior Technician - Vine Grove

Amy Combs, Behavior Technician - Vine Grove

Jennifer Shoner, Registered Behavior Technician - Vine Grove

Ashley Malone, Targeted Case Manager - Vine Grove

Owensboro Office:

Ashley Fulkerson, BCBA/Licensed Behavior Analyst - Owensboro

Megan Cameron, Virtual BCBA - Owensboro

Kyle London, Registered Behavior Technician - Owensboro

Amanda Holmes, Registered Behavior Technician - Owensboro
Natalie Leibfreid, Behavior Technician - Owensboro

Maggie Wilson, Behavior Technician - Owensboro

Gabrielle Hopkins, Behavior Technician - Owensboro

Jaquelin Galindo-Hidalgo, Behavior Technician - Owensboro

Lydia Onstott, Registered Behavior Technician - Owensboro

Danielle Mattis, Registered Behavior Technician - Owensboro


Caitlin Conley, MPW Positive Behavior Support Specialist - Owensboro

Nancy Hazle, MPW Positive Behavior Support Specialist - Leitchfield/Vine Grove

David Smith, MPW Positive Behavior Support Specialist -Vine Grove

Laura Hamilton, MPW Positive Behavior Support Specialist - Vine Grove

Teneshia Tarrance, Community Living Supports - Leitchfield

Susan Brown, MPW Positive Behavior Supports - Vine Grove

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